The Anpera Story

Anpera Technologies

Anpera was founded in 2019 when CoMic™, originally developed with funding from ConocoPhillips, Equinor and Shell, was transferred from LUX Assure Ltd.

Anpera has developed the CoMic micelle detection platform from a service-based offering to a fully user deployable product. Our customers can use the product in the lab, to qualify chemicals, or in the field to measure production waters. CoMic™ can also be provided as a service – to perform audits, troubleshooting and chemical optimisation - for clients without the means to deploy themselves.

The Anpera Team

Our team of three has over twenty years combined experience in R&D in the field of chemical monitoring and its subsequent commercialisation for oil and gas applications.

Each member of the team has a scientific background and are proactive, enthusiastic acquirers of new skills, as required by all ambitious SMEs. We have a diverse range of abilities: technical sales, shareholder management, IPR, project management, logistics, branding and many others.

Emma Perfect

A trained molecular biologist (PhD Oxford University), Emma has been managing SMEs since 2009 (previously CEO of LUX Assure) and working with oilfield monitoring projects since 2004.

At Anpera, Emma leads on corporate governance, finances, IPR and agent management.

Scott Rankin
Head of Hardware Development

A chemist (MSc, Edinburgh University) with an enthusiasm for technology.

Scott has led the development of the latest hardware at Anpera, with a focus on making robust instrumentation that is portable and customer friendly. He is also responsible for managing our quality and health and safety systems.

Andy Osnowski
Head of Data Development

An organic chemist by training (PhD, University of Glasgow), Andy has experience in leveraging these skills in sectors including biotech, med chem and oilfield monitoring.

Working closely with customers, he is responsible for developing Anpera’s user experience and automated data interrogation software.

CoMic™ Timeline


First CoMic™ patent filed by LUX Assure


CoMic™ included in multi-year R&D program in partnership with ConocoPhillips


First CoMic™ sales


Equity investment allows growth of commercial team


Sales grow but clients want less costly product with on-site analysis


CoMic™ transferred to Anpera Technologies


New instrument built and succesful integration of analysis with developed UI


Completed R&D program evolving CoMic™ to an on-site tool for use by clients


Repeat sales of CoMic™ analysers and consumables achieved


Planned expansion of CoMic™ sales through distribution networks